About Us

Garage 41 Coffee Co. is located in the beautiful Parkland area in the city of Dauphin, Manitoba. We are Brett & Nicole, also on this fun journey are our children Mia and Zach and our family sidekick Rocky.  

We are a micro roaster with a passion for making great coffee.  We started roasting with a small home roaster in the fall of 2017 and started to see a vision for sharing our coffee with the fine folks in our area.  Thus, Garage 41 Coffee Co was born in 2018 when we ordered our commercial roaster and travelled to Minneapolis for a three day intensive immersion into the coffee roasting business.   We are among the first group of 8 Canadian's to bring a Mill City Roaster to Canada under their newly CSA approved roasters.  

Our name suggests we roast in our garage; and yes, we do actually roast in there!   We have built a Manitoba Ag approved facility/room in our oversized double garage, still leaving us room to park one car. (We live in a place that sees -30° C, we weren't crazy enough to give up our entire garage!)  We chose to keep it in our home for now so it can truly be a family business, the kids can come and go, and we are always just a few steps away when needed.  We both have regular day jobs and we didn't want to sacrifice family time and be out of the home more.

And so our journey has begun as we open our online store in 2020 and launch our coffee to the public.  We couldn't be more excited to bring freshly roasted coffee to our area!