Monthly Subscription

Our monthly subscription service will ensure you will never run out of our freshly roasted coffee to start your day and keep you going.  Once you have set up the service with us, you can expect your coffee at the pick up location or to be delivered on the requested Wednesday of the month.  Choose week 1, 2, 3, of 4 of the month, ready on Wednesday of that week.  

Being a monthly subscribers makes you a VIP in our eyes.  So because of that, we offer our coffee at a discounted price to our monthly subscribers, a savings of 15%!

Monthly Subscriber = Saving time AND money

You will get a reminder email before your coffee order is processed every month, giving you a chance to make changes in case you want to add an extra bag for a gift or skip that month as you will be away.  You can also cancel at anytime.  

Payment options include an automatic charge to your credit card monthly, you do nothing but advise us if there is a change or you need to skip.  If using a credit card is not your preferred method, the other option is paying through etransfer, this will be done in 3 or 6 month packages.

We will also gladly ship your subscription to you if you aren't located locally.  Or find a few friends who also love freshly roasted coffee and we can split the shipping between you.  So many options!

Fill out the signup form and email it back to us at It's that simple!  We look forward to hearing from you!