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Dark Roast - Honduras

Dark Roast - Honduras

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Mild with citric acidity and peanut and cocoa flavor.

This roast from Honduras will deliver a mild cup with citric acidity and peanut and cocoa flavours.  A great option for those that enjoy the dark roast flavour that comes from getting the bean to second crack. (This coffee does not contain peanuts in any way, it is simply the flavour the bean is able to produce.)

COPROCAEL is a cooperative of organic coffee producers located in the Copan region of Honduras. They were established in 2000 and are made up of almost 300 contributing members. Coffee is picked ripe and delivered to a centralized wet mill where it is sorted, depulped, washed, dried on patios, and finished in a mechanical drier.

Certifications upon arrival: Fairtrade

Country: Honduras

Region: Copan region


Variety: Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, IHCAFE 90, and Lempira

Altitude: 1350 masl

Process Method: Washed

Harvest Schedule: December-March

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